My Love/Hate Relationship with 4am!

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So I wake up at 4 am to go to the gym! I kinda think I’m insane some days, my husband thinks I’m crazy but likes having the bed to himself, and my son once thought I was Santa sneaking around in the middle of the night during the holiday. People constantly ask me why I get up so early to workout and run. A lot of people say its “inspiring” to them and I think that’s great! I can’t tell you how many times I have woken up and been scrolling through my phone and see an Instagram post that just kicks my butt in gear to go to the gym! So if one person sees my post and decides to go to the gym that morning instead of staying in bed than I am happy! But that’s not why I do it!

I use to do Zumba and Pilates a few times a week before I started running. I did it at night and I LOVED it! However, I missed my kids baths, dinner as a family, putting them to bed and just being together as a family. As a working Mom, I already have the guilt of being away from them WAY too much and I found myself feeling horrible about being away at night too. I just CAN’T miss moments like this….


So I started running in February 2015 and at first it was just random and supplemented the other classes I took. My husband is also a runner so we would once in awhile go on a “date day” to the gym and run. It worked when I was just doing it for another form of exercising. Then I signed us up for our first half-marathon and I knew things had to change. No way could both of us get our training runs in at night and we would never be consistent. We decided one of us would have to get up before the kids woke up in the morning and one of us would go after they went to bed at night. Among a millions things I love about my husband, we are completely a team. We both work full-time and have demanding careers so we share parenting equally!

The whole summer I got up around 4:45 to run my miles in the dark before the kids woke up. Honestly, I liked it and it wasn’t as bad as I thought. It made me more motivated during my work day and more productive as well. Days got shorter and it got SO much colder and in the area we live we just don’t have a great outdoor run for that early in the morning in the cold. It’s not lighted enough and with ice and snow on the ground it is scary! So off to the gym I go each morning! I go to a great Anytime Fitness that is only 5 minutes from my house so it works well!

After my first half in October I decided I wanted to implement more strength training and lifting into my routine which would require me to get up EVEN earlier. At first I thought “NO WAY”, I have to pick one or the other because getting to the gym at 4 am sounded AWFUL! I told my husband I would try it once to see how bad it was and again I was pleasantly surprised with how much I didn’t mind it! I feel AWESOME when I walk out at 6 am and I’ve done an hour of intense strength and also a run! My husband jokes that he has to mentally prepare himself in the morning for my return from the gym because I’m always so chatty and happy after my workout and he is still so sleepy.

You want to know what the best part is: I DON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT HAVING TIME FOR IT AT NIGHT!!

So people ask me how I do it…it’s this simple…

I set the alarm and I get out of bed!


I think of it as “if I don’t get it in this morning, I will miss the entire day or I will have to sacrifice time away from the boys” and so far it has been enough motivation to get my butt out of my warm bed every time the alarm has went off!

Honestly when my husband goes to the gym or for a run at night I am so happy that I’m already done for the day. That is the time that works good for him though, he tried to get up one morning and run and it wasn’t his thing. Every person is different and everyone has their own routine. DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU! We are all given the same amount of time and we chose what we want to do with it… and if that little devil on my shoulder starts to nudge me to stay in bed I say…






4 thoughts on “My Love/Hate Relationship with 4am!

  1. I never thought I would be one to get up before the sun to workout, but I found a running group that runs before work and I found out that I LOVE it!! I really wish the Y opened earlier though, I feel like I am rushing to get to work when I am there right at 5:30am. I’m excited to follow your blog!

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