Crushing on Compression Socks!

I still consider myself a new runner- it’s been less than a year since I threw myself into this sport and I’m still trying to figure out what works for me. I’ve been eyeing compression socks since I started running and read countless articles on the pros and cons. I have RLS(Restless Legs Syndrome) and I’ve had it since I was a little girl. I feel like I have growing pains when I sleep every night and sometimes during the day. It’s awful and honestly the cramping in my calves from running has not helped it. For me, compression socks seemed appealing for this reason alone!

Team Tiux reached out to me about trying out their socks a few weeks ago and I jumped on the chance to see if they would work for me.

They came in such cute packaging- I was so excited and happy to get them in the mail! IMG_9940.JPG

I go to the gym very early in the morning and I’m there with the same few people every single morning. When I walked in with my neon colors and my compression socks on at 4am one guy said to me “you look like you are about to dominate that treadmill”, I laughed because I did feel a little silly at the gym with them on but I couldn’t wait for the weekend to try them out! My first run in them felt great, I loved how they supported my ankles. What I loved the most was that later at work my legs did not feel fatigued or in pain like they usually are. IMG_9941

Last weekend I was very sore from running, leg day, and cross-training. I decided to try putting them on to just lounge around my house. After an hour my legs felt more relaxed and not in so much pain. I actually slept in them that night and put them on every night now when I get home from work. My husband and oldest son think I look crazy but I have noticed such a change in the way my legs feel and how quickly I recover after a run.


A little about Team Tiux – They are a small company and they are making big waves by keeping their costs low and offering free shipping to their customers. Their socks are high quality material but they cut out the middle-man so that they can offer their customers the best quality and price.

I’m SO in love with these socks. As a newer runner I actually wanted to not love them so much because it is just something else I am going to want to buy, but I can’t help it. If you are spending money on races, coaching, gym memberships, etc…why not spend $35 on something that will improve your performance and help you recover faster after your runs? Socks are so important and that was another reason I didn’t want to love these. I went through a few months last summer with bad blisters because I didn’t have the right socks but then found socks that I loved and prevented blisters so I was nervous that these would bring them back. I worn these multiple times now with no blisters and my feet feel great!

If you are looking to try out compression socks or even want to try a different kind of compression socks, research Team Tiux they come in three different fun colors. They also always offer free shipping!

I already have ordered my next pair and can’t wait to rock them out in the gym and on the road!

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