Balancing Both Worlds

I often gets asked how often I strength train or cross-train and how I fit them all in with my schedule. Let me first say, it is not easy at all to train for any long distance run and strength train. At least it’s not easy for me. I’m a Mom, and I also have a career that takes 9-10 hours of my day Monday-Friday. Logging all the miles for training is hard enough, which is why I wake up at a awful early time in the morning to run before my kids or husband start the day. I have little kids that have events in the evening and I can’t run or go to the gym at night. So I’ve got the morning- that is it.

So I have to balance it and finding that balance is hard. It is the first thing that goes when I get overly tired from running, work, and life. I am DETERMINED to keep it in my schedule while training for the Chicago marathon this summer. One of the main reasons why it is easy for me to strength train in the winter is because I am going to the gym to run on the treadmill so I spend an hour strength training and an hour on the mill. As the weather gets nicer I want to run outside which takes me away from the gym in the morning.

My typical running schedule is 4 days a week. That may not seem like many days but I still log(for half-marathon training) 27-35 miles per week(around 130 miles per month). For marathon training the miles will increase.

Monday – 6-8 mile run(usually recovery from the weekend)

Wednesday- 6-9 mile run (tempo, speedwork, fartlek)

Thursday- 6-8 mile run (easy)

Saturday- Long Run

Obviously this varies depending if I have a race on the weekends or peak or tapers weeks. But that is typical when I half train.

How I incorporate strength training:

Tuesdays – 90 minutes of strength.

Wednesday – 45 minutes before run(if I run on the treadmill)

Sunday- Cross-Train.

This is how I WANT my schedule to look every week. However life gets in the way and those strength training days get pushed to the back burner.

NOT THIS YEAR THOUGH! I’ve learned over the last two years that to race yes, you have to put a lot of miles in, you have to build your endurance up for the races and hard moments of racing where you don’t think you can pull through, and you have to practice practice practice. 

BUT, I am the strongest me when I do equal amounts of lifting, leg days, and cross-train. I don’t fatigue as easily on long runs, I don’t get injured as much, and in races it gives me that extra boost of endurance to push through.


What does that mean for marathon training for me? I plan on at least running once a week in the morning on the treadmill. Yes, we all hate the treadmill but it gets me to the gym and I can do both in the morning.

Marathon training in the summer will bring more miles and even maybe one more day of running but training for a marathon is much more than just logging miles. It’s becoming strong- physically and mentally, eating well, and learning to endure pain. I plan on doing so many things different this summer while training for Chicago and when I get to that start line I want to know that I did not cheat myself of any training. No excuses.

I’m writing this down because I believe a goal written down is much more powerful than something you put in your head.

So you will see me on the treadmill this summer running at least one day and you may think “it’s not the same as running outside” but this is the reason why I have decided to do this. Mornings will be earlier on these days- probably 3:15-3:30 but I know if I don’t give it 100% I will get tired and fall short on race day. I’m ALL in this summer!


How do you balance both? I would love to hear any tips or tricks you have?

Run Happy



2 thoughts on “Balancing Both Worlds

  1. I keep trying to find a balance but it seems impossible. At least while I am working and Clayton not sleeping through the night. But this summer I plan on throwing everything I have into both. Sleep training and my own training. You are wonder woman! ❤


  2. So difficult to balance family and exercise. I am training for a Ragnar, and as the mileage increases, it is harder to find the time away from family to fit in the required training. I try tort up early, or incorporate the kids into my workouts.


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