The CRIM- 10 Mile Race 2017

“Running is not about being better than someone else, it is about being better than you used to be”. I really don’t think there is a quote that more defines this years 10 mile Crim for me than that quote. I signed up for this race this year because it’s local, it’s a huge race here in Michigan, and I knew it would be a perfect time to do a race before the Chicago marathon. I did the Crim in 2015 when I first started running however it fell on the weekend before my marathon in 2016 and I did not want to race so I opted to sit it out. It’s an extremely fun environment and its draw people from all over the world, which is just so funny to me because of it’s location.

My husband was away so I picked up my bib Friday. The expo is huge, but I managed to get and out with only buying one pair of Balega socks that were on sale. I have a really strange pre-long run dinner and race dinner that I have every week. I eat a certain cheeseburger with wheat bread and brown rice. Every single week. I actually look forward to this meal because I don’t eat a lot of red meat. I went to my parents for dinner who live very close and brought my food to be cooked specially(high maintenance…haha).

The race started at 8 so much later than I’m used to running on a Saturday but I figured it would be good prep for Chicago and we had to be shuttled in to the race area so I was able to fuel somewhat like I will for Chicago too. I rode with my friend Katie to Flint and we met our friend Valerie and hopped on the shuttle to the race. I drink Generation U-Can before long runs and this was my first time using it before a race. I’m a huge fan because GU’s or any other type of race fuel has upset my stomach. We did the bathroom dance and then got in our Corrals.

I was in Corral C and by myself so I texted my husband that I put my live track on my Garmin and stood there telling myself over and over “It’s 10 miles, you are strong, you can do this”. My A goal for this race was 1:25, B 1:27, C. 1:30. I ran it in 1:40.38 in 2015 so I figured a 10 minute PR would be great and I wasn’t sure how the hills would affect me in the back half of the race!

The gun went off for my corral and I was on my way. I felt amazing as you always do in the first mile on a race.

Mile 1- 8:11- I looked down and thought NO WAY, I felt like I was running so comfortably and sticking to my race plan which was to run the first 4 miles around 8:40-8:30 so I wouldn’t be burned out for the hills. I told myself to slow down…but..

Mile 2- 8:06

Mile 3: 8:12

Mile 4: 8:08

Mile 5: 8:06

With each mile I felt stronger but when I turned the corner I saw the sign for teh Bradley hills and I told myself “this is going to slow me down. Little signs on the road say “3 more hills to go, 2 more hills to go…and I just grinded through that mile.

Mile 6: 8:38 and at the top of all the hills there was a water station that I stopped had a glass of water and then went on my way.

I wanted to gain some more momentum and knew I could get my 1:25 if I just didn’t fall back so I pushed harder than I ever have in a race and it paid off.

Mile 7: 8:07

Mile 8: 8:22 (more hills) This picture was taken right around the end of mile 8 and I knew I was going to get the time I wanted! At that point you just have to smile and wave!!!

Mile 9: 8:18

Mile 10- 8:14

.16 – 7:29.

The CRIM is awesome because you finish on old downtown brick roads. I saw the finish line and that the elapsed time was 1:25 which meant I was definitely beating my time since I was in Corral C. I honestly have never felt SO good and strong at the end of a race.

My net time was 1:23.32 – 17 minutes faster than in 2015. I proved so much to myself in this race. It was the perfect race to give me confidence for Chicago and to finally see some major improvements. We all train so hard to reach our goals no matter what they are. I may not be the fastest yet but in my mind I’m blown away by how well I did because I can see so much change in my endurance over the past two years.

For those of you who just started running and feel like you will never get anywhere with it- keep going! Keep having good runs and bad runs because they are all building you for the day when you have a breakthrough race!

Here are the stats as usual:

Less than 40 days until Chicago and I’m ready for whatever 26.2 will bring!

I got a new bin holder from Gone for a Run and I was ecstatic to use it first for this medal!

Check all their medal displays and more here: I have a 15% off code: JESSBUG15

Gone For a Run

What was your first breakthrough race?

Run Happy



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