Find Me at the Barre

The town I live in recently opened a Pure Barre studio. I really wanted to try it because I have extreme FOMO(fear of missing out) and also because I’ve heard so many good things about it. A runner friend from my town is one of the instructors and told me I would love it for cross-training benefits. If you have read my past fitness posts you know that I did Pilates as a main form of fitness after I had Hudson and before I found running. Pilates was great but the class schedule at the studio I went to didn’t work out for me when I wanted to focus more on running.

I do the same workout routines pretty much every week- run and strength train. Even finding time to strength train is extremely difficult so I really didn’t know how I would fit this in too but it came at a perfect time. The studio opened up a week after the Chicago marathon and I had purchased a 5 week opening special so once I felt like I had recovered from the marathon I went to my first class.

I was nervous- you need special socks, I am not a dancer, what is all this lingo they are talking about…all of these thoughts were going through my head. I went to an early morning class for my first class and the instructor was amazing. She went through everything I would need, explained some of the terms(tuck, freeze, lift tone and burn) and I went with it. Due to the fact that the studio had just recently opened many newbies were in the class too so I didn’t feel like I was the only one who didn’t know what I was doing. In fact in every class the instructors walk around and help you make adjustments to your form so you are properly working the right muscle groups. I left feeling great and knowing that I had found something that would hit the muscle groups that I tend to work the least. My hip flexors and core that I don’t dig deep enough for are both a main focus in Pure Barre and that was enough to get me to my second class.


Pure Barre uses small movements that literally are focused on lifting, toning, and burning your muscles. Anyone can do it and it’s low impact so it’s perfect for a recovery day and I like to do it as a second workout (if I can) on an easy run day. My studio in Clarkston, Michigan has so many times each day to choose from which is a huge benefit for someone like me that is a Mom but wants to run, works a full-time job, and also wants to take a 55 minute class. In one month I’ve went to 13 classes and I feel like my core, arms, and legs are getting stronger because of it. Also when my hamstrings or hips feel tight from a hard workout it has been a good form of release and stretching for those muscle groups. I also find that it helps with flexibility and strengthens my joints.

Overall I’m really happy with the addition of this in my routine and plan on keeping it in my schedule 2-4 times a week. I think it is going to make a big difference in my performance and strength as a runner so stay tuned for more!


Have you tried Pure Barre?? Let me know your thoughts and how it has helped you!



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