A few of my favorite things!

I get asked frequently what products I use for just about everything so I decided to write a post about my favorite things.


Yes, a few of the products listed I am an ambassador for, however everything I am an ambassador for I used for well over a year before I was an ambassador. They are products I love, believe in, and want to share so that is why I became an ambassador.

Lets start with clothes:

Nike sponsors me…JUST KIDDING! I like Nike pro shorts for running in the summer. I also love their tanks and I wear Nike Pegasus 34.

Oiselle – I am a huge fan of their winter clothing. The leggings, the vests, and the jackets are perfect and keep me really warm here in Michigan. My new obsession is their MAC ROGA shorts- they are the shorter version of their normal shorts and have built in underwear. LOVE THEM!

I have a $20 off your first order if you use link:

$20 off

Rabbit – I started wearing some Rabbit tanks in the late summer and love the bunny hop tank top. I also love their shorts. (Theme here- I love running in shorts). I did get the chance to try out their pants recently and they were so sleek and also provided great compression. My very favorite Rabbit product though is the Emoji tank top!

February 1-9 use code “winterblues20” for 20% off all regular tanks and shorts! Link below!


Balega Socks– I DON’T WEAR ANYTHING ELSE. PERIOD! They were the first socks that didn’t cause blisters when I started running and I haven’t looked back.

Balega Socks

Wearable Gear: 

Jaybird Sport I wear the X3 headphones right now and love them. I went through 5 pairs of Beats last summer in the heat and humidity so I needed something that would sweat with me. These are perfect and never fail me!

Wear Safe Tag – To keep me safe on those dark early runs.

Knuckle Lights – This one came through my husband. He didn’t like wearing a head lamp so he asked for a pair. I tried them out and fell in love! Bye bye headache from my headlamp. They are SO bright and give off way more light than a headlamp.


Things I can’t LIVE without: 

Run Gum– Hands down gets me through the day. I chew two pieces- you can take it 10-15 minutes before your run or even when you start to run. I have done it both ways, I usually throw it out around mile 3-4. The taste can be bitter to some at first but it’s caffeinated so it will have a little bitterness to it.  I also chew it once in awhile on a long day when I just need energy. The best part about it is that it does not mess with your stomach like food or a cup of coffee would before an early morning run! Try it-click on the link below:

Try Run Gum!! 10% off with code – jessicah10

Generation Ucan – I heard about Ucan through a podcast last spring and reached out to them to just find out how to use their product because I honestly didn’t know how drinking Ucan could sustain energy for long periods of time. It worked perfectly for me during marathon training for my long runs. I never felt that crashing feeling and I love not needing to carry any fuel with me. I love their chocolate peanut butter bars too for midday snacks.

Gen UCAN – 10% off

I am constantly trying new things and open to new products but these are my staples that need with me every day- and of course my Garmin Fenix 5s! 🙂

If you have any questions- feel free to shoot me a message on here and I will get back to you! These are just a few of my favorite things- what are some of your CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT running products?

I am hoping to have a few new blog posts soon! The beginning of this year has been crazy, but I want to share some tips on running in Vegas, running with the footpod, and also treadmill running. So stay tuned! 🙂




2 thoughts on “A few of my favorite things!

    1. Hi Kathleen! So you take it about 30-45 minutes before. Depending on how long you need it for. So for a 3 hour run you would need 2 packets and for a 1 1/2 hour run you would need one packet. You can get the containers too and it tells you on there the servings to take. But yes, take it before! My husband was leery too because he is a big Gel guy and he started using it and was shocked that he never felt a sugar crash.


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