My name is Jessica- I’m in my early thirties and I live in Michigan! I am married and we
have two sons- Chandler and Hudson.

I am a full-time working Mom and some days I feel like I’m juggling way more than I can but I wouldn’t change a thing! I believe in working hard for what you want in life and your constant drive to improve will only make you stronger in the long run.

I started running in 2IMG_5743 (5)015 and it has completely changed my life! I love everything about it, the good, bad, and the ugly runs. I’ve done now six half marathons and a full marathon. I had asthma growing up so I never thought I could run a mile let alone 26.2.

I also just started more recently working heavily on strength training and lifting.

I have an obsession with gummy bears, pizza, and chips & salsa. They are my weakness and guilty pleasures.

I have big goals and plans in the future with running!

Anything else you want to know, ask…I’m pretty much an open book 🙂




6 thoughts on “About

  1. ❤this, Jess. And ❤u too! You are an amazing woman, mother and runner. You are an inspiration you me and I’m so happy I found u on IG😊 Cant wait to see all the great things you will do!!!

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  2. So fun!! Love you’re doing a blog! That half sounded awful!! We can’t PR at every race…my last half I was training for my first sub 2:00 and was so motivated. Then I got ankle tendonitis and it was my slowest and hardest race to date. But we all learn so much mentally from the hard races! Good luck and thanks for all your inspiration!


  3. Hi Jess, I saw you on Instagram and I really like your posts. Are you interested in being a brand ambassador for the SHIFT band we developed for the Garmin and Apple Watch? I understand you would need to run with it first so I can send you one to try if you’re interested. Based on your interest, we may have some other commercial opportunities for you. Check it out here : https://www.getedgegear.com/

    Would love to hear back from you.
    Best running,
    Andrew Green
    EdgeGear AS, Co-Founder http://www.getedgegear.com


  4. Fellow Midwestener here! Outside of Chicago. I too am a runner and Mom and will be running my first marathon this year- Chicago! I really enjoy your Instagram and blog. Keep up the good work!

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