Detroit Corktown 5K Recap- 2017

I AM ON A ROLL- Two blog posts within 2 weeks, I’m going to give myself a little pack on the back. 🙂  I don’t do enough short distance races so this year I decided to sign up for some more 5K’s to just help me with my speed. My current 5K PR is 25:40, not super fast but for someone who ran her first 5k over 45 minutes, I think I’ve improved over the years!

The Corktown 5K is just one of the races here in Michigan. It’s huge, it’s followed by a parade, and it’s in you guessed it- Detroit’s Corktown district. This year was the 35th Anniversary of the race so it’s older than I am and every year people from all over Metro Detroit flood the streets for this event. I LOVE ST. PATRICK’S DAY- I’m 33 and since I’ve been legal to “go out” on the day I’ve taken a vacation day for every St. Patrick’s Day except for the two years I was pregnant with my sons. My family is Irish and do the same- it’s just always been a tradition. However, I’ve never done this race but to be fair I’m still somewhat new to the running game.


I’m off track so back to the recap. My friend Katie was running the race this year and I decided to sign  up too. Coming off of the Princess Half two weeks ago, I am just ramping back up my miles this week so I was a little bummed to not have a long run on Saturday. Actually I hated it- my husband had to run 13 miles for a half he is doing in two weeks and I’m so used to running on Saturday mornings, I really just felt off all day. I don’t like to run the day before a race, even a 5k, so I took the day off and pouted a little all morning.

I also have to back up and say that the week prior to the race was quite the week! We had the second largest power outage in Detroit’s history this week. A horrible wind storm came through on Wednesday and knocked everyone’s power out, we somehow were nestled in a area with power but my office was out for almost 4 days. Saturday before the race at 4 pm I got a text from a neighbor saying we lost power(they had to take ours down to fix others) but we got it back around 7:30 so it wasn’t too bad but I guess it was just enough for me to not remember to charge all my devices.(That part of the story coming later)

The race was the day of Daylight Savings Time and even though the race didn’t start until 10, we had to leave by 8 and I had to meet my friends by 7:30 so I still got up fairly early.The weather high for the day was 20 degrees- at the start of the race it was 14 degrees with a real feel of 5. I will be honest, I do not like running in the cold- I find no pleasure in it and I have two little guys in my house that get me sick ALL the time, I don’t need another contributing factor and if I get sick they get sick and I’m sure all parents can relate that it’s just not pleasant having sick children. I had already signed up for the race so I figured I would layer, layer, layer and just go with it at this point.



I wore 2 pairs of running pants which I’ve never done, three layers of shirts gloves, mittens, long socks, and a hat…I was still freezing! We got there and it wasn’t tooo bad to park, alot of the bathrooms were open, and it was a quick walk to the start line. On the walk to the start line I tried to turn on my wireless earbuds and they were dead! I instantly started to panic, that is a FIRST WORLD PROBLEM, but I’ve never ran without music or an audiobook in my ear so I freaked out a little bit and had nowhere to put them so I would have to run with them in my ear anyway.

The race is big, did I mention that? The Boston Marathon race director, Ryan Hall, and Desi Linden were all on the stage talking before the race and I thought that was really fun. I tried to stay warm, move around, and stretch out my legs before the start. I was in the first wave of runners so the time went off and out we went. My first mile felt good- cold but good- I ran it probably too fast but in a 5k you don’t have much time to make up time like in a longer distance race so I wanted to run as fast as I could. My first mile was 7:49 on my Garmin and I was trying to slow down a little because I knew I was running too fast for me. In the second mile I started to notice my breathing much more. I have asthma and running in general can be hard some days but in the cold it’s really hard. Not having music at this point I think hurt me. I couldn’t drown out my breathing and instead I started to worry about it and pulled back a bit. My second mile on my garmin was 8:34. Coming back down the course I wanted to try to gain some speed, I was doing good at maintaining around a 8:30 pace in the third mile until I got to the brick road portion of the run and I hate running on uneven brick roads. My third mile clocked at 8:40 and the .14 on my Garmin to finish was a 7:42 pace. Official time was 26:04. Not a PR, but I will say this about something I noticed with me in this race- last year when I ran a St.Patty’s Day race I stopped a couple times and walked when I was tired. I feel like I’ve reached a point in races where instead of stopping because I know I’m not going to PR, I still keep going to try for the best time possible, and that is a breakthrough for me!!! For some this might seem like common sense but for me when I can’t breathe, stopping to catch my breathe has always been my fall back, and I’ve been consistently working on that in training. No stops, no pauses, just pull back to a slower speed if needed.

The race was very organized, the medals were nice and festive, and although it’s a large race and did feel a little crowded it wasn’t too bad. It was fun and I had a great time with friends after to kick off my favorite holiday.


Since the 5k and I’ve had time to think about it, I really do feel like maybe short distances are just not my thing. I can run a 8:30-9 minute mile now and maintain that in distances and I like doing that more than running fast for a short distance. I just burn myself out too fast I think. Maybe I will get a 5k PR in one of the other races I have scheduled this year, but if I don’t I will always still celebrate that I’m out there running and doing something more than I thought I ever would with these lungs of mine.

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The Love of Running

This past weekend I ran a 5K. It was a fun St.Patrick’s Day 5K and I had been looking forward to it because my training runs have been so much quicker and I really had no doubt in my mind that I would PR. That morning I woke up not feeling my best but still thought I would have no issues beating my personal best. I go into every race not looking to place, but just to beat my last race time. It’s way easier said than done and every run is different but when you are competing against yourself you want to WIN even more!

I went out really fast(for me)- my first mile was 7:40- way too aggressive and not my usual pace. I knew I hurt myself by doing that, by mile two my legs felt like bricks and I had to slow my pace big time. At one point I couldn’t breathe and walked for a few seconds. Every thought was going through my head “this never happens in training runs, why now?”, “you are never going to be able to do a full marathon if this 5K is causing you pain”, and many more self-destructive thoughts. When I came into the finish line my husband was waiting to take a picture of me like he always does and I didn’t even want to look at him. I was mad at myself!  

  I met up with Justin and found out that he had set a PR and also finished first in his division. I was really happy for him but still mad at myself. We sat down in the bar where they had awards and chatted about the race. Justin kept telling me to “not beat myself up” and I knew he was right. It was a 5K- a year ago I couldn’t even run a 5K and here I was being sad over finishing in 27:05.I started thinking about why I started running and finding the love of running again. I don’t want to constantly be checking my Garmin or putting myself down for any run I do. EVER. That’s SO easy to say but hard to actually change your mind set. When I started every run was exciting and each new distance I met was a huge achievement for me. My time was just part of it, but not everything. My goal is to run a half under 2 hours and I want to spend those two hours loving it, not watching my time or trying to be faster than what I know I can. I don’t want to go out fast and try to make up ground because I know that doesn’t work for me, I want consistency at a pace that I know feels good for me and that is my goal.

This week I decided I wanted to fall in love with running again. By running my training runs on my schedule it gives me a nice combo of speed intervals, easy runs, and tempo runs. The paces my trainer has set for me are perfect. Yesterday I had 5 on my schedule with intervals of my 5K pace and it was hard but I was proud of sticking to the fast intervals. This morning I had 3 at my easy pace on my schedule. “Easy pace” is always a struggle for me because again I have a hard time pacing myself and SLOWING down in the first mile. This morning was different though. I ran outside on a path that I haven’t run most of the winter. It was still and quiet outside and the temp was around 45 degrees. It felt amazing- I wasn’t going fast, I was just running with my heart. I didn’t look at my watch once through the entire run. I took it all in!!

This is my goal- to love every step when I’m running. 

Oh and I am still coming for that 5K PR and will still try to beat myself in every race, but if I don’t I know there is always another race and feeling sad or beating myself up is just not worth it! Running is a blessing- running has changed my life in many ways that I haven’t even described yet in this blog, and I refuse to lose the love I have for it because I had a bad race. I plan to RUN HAPPY!!!!!!